London, July 17, 1998

Jazz Cafe, London, November 14 1994

Photos by Adil Guedes, 2013.

Photos by Agatha Gameiro.

Marisa and Dadi performed last night, September 9, 2013, at the opening of Pátio Batel, a luxe shopping center in Curitiba. 

It looks like a set from Star Trek.

The final shows of the “Verdade, Uma Ilusão” tour are being announced. It will be appearing in a number of cities around Brazil before the end of the year.

Home town show. One thing seems clear from a lot of the photos I’ve seen of this tour: Marisa seems to be having a lot of fun doing it.

Rio de Janeiro, August 16, 2013. Photos by Vinícius Pereira.

Recording “Verdade Uma Ilusão” for DVD, Grande Sala da Cidade das Artes, Rio de Janeiro, August 3, 2013. 

Photos by Leo Aversa.


The Tram Of Boon

Brand new day

The thought o’ you here’s to stay

I get so free I don’t carry pain with me

I work in samba ‘bout that I can’t complain

I go on singin’ just to touch you and play

Ev’ry day

I think about marryin’ you

And like a busker rhyme my and your “I do”

Get ahead in life in the altar by your side

I go on playin’ just to sing for you

The Tram of Boon’s taking me

Angels carrying me away 

Around the cars passing by

Saints teach me how to fly

On the wings of the good from this world

Deep down lies our backyard 

The sea of the water drinks me

The thirst of thee’ll proceed

The thirst of thee…

Really interesting translation…

Marisa Monte: New York, June 26, 2013 →

Positive review from All About Jazz, although not entirely accurate in the details (says the fannish pedant).

Loyal to Brazil, While Sampling Pop Beyond Its Borders →

Marisa Monte brought her tour, “Verdade, Uma Ilusão” (“Truth, an Illusion”) to the Beacon Theater on Wednesday evening.